Ek-2: Tavsiye mektubu-2

Not: XXXXX XXXXXX yerine kendi adınızı,
YYYYY YYYYYY yerinede referans veren hocanın adını yazın.

Feb 22. 2002

Dear Sir or Madam

Mr.XXXXX, who asked me for a recommendation letter before he left the department was my undergraduate and graduate student in the Physical Science department, recently Pyhsic department.

I have known him for about six years. He was one of our exellent, well organized and industruis student. Mr.XXXXX has left the impression of a hardworking, honest and friendly person on me. He is very serious in his studies and he can overcome problems easily. He has ability to develop new concept and great motivation to the research work. His personality is efficient for further education.

I am fully satisfied with his work in the deparment. He is motivated to do further research in his field and I am sure that will be a successful student in your department. Therefore I higly recommend him for the graduate program in your university.

Best Regards

Assosiate Professor YYYYY YYYYYY
Faculty of Physical Sciences
METU /Ataturk/ Turkey
Adress: 123 Metu Dr. Building No: 11, Room #: 33 Ankara/ Turkey 06004

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